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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Decimal Operations: Division by 2-digit divisor

Division....'nuf said!

I did my best to make division "fun" today.  Division is not fun, not to a 5th grader, so I had my work cut out!  I know that division is hard, in the minds of an 11 year old, so I knew there was no way that I was going to assign a set of 20 problems from a worksheet.

So, I took a worksheet called "On Board with Columbus" from The Mailbox Teacher's Helper Oct/Nov 2011 edition.

First, we did problem "A" together as our example.  Now, keep in mind, my students have been dividing all year.  We have done whole number division and now decimal division.  I wanted practice, this was not an introduction.  So, I had each student pull a card that had been labeled B-T.  This was the letter they were to start with on the worksheet.

Once they had solved their problem, they were to go into the hall and find the little piece of red paper with a QR code with their answer on it.  When they found their answer on the piece of paper, we used my phone to scan the code to determine the next problem to solve (kind of like a scavenger hunt).  The final piece of good news was that they were only being asked to solve 5 problems.  The kids really enjoyed this activity!  They liked the "chance" involved and willingly worked their problems.

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