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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Decimal Operations: Division

Today we started delving into decimal division.  The kids were quite surprised to discover that decimal division is exactly like whole number division, albeit you have to place the decimal in the correct position.

To introduce the topic, we watched two Khan Academy videos.  I wanted the students to see someone else's perspectives on solving these types of problems.  The videos detailed the placement of the decimal point and solving the problem "completely" so that there is no remainder.  

After viewing the videos, the students completed an activity on quizizz.com involving division of decimal numbers by a single digit whole number.  I had assigned 5 problems and wanted to see how students performed as a type of pre-assessment.  Overall, I was very pleased by the ease with which most of my students solved these problems.

Once students completed these problems, they completed an xtramath.org exercise, a Countdown to STAAR, and finally, worked on Khan Academy.

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