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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Decimal Operations: Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Today we had to put our thinking caps on!  It began with a "Guess My Number" warm-up question.  The students have to use a set of clues to determine the number.  Then we moved on to our estimation180 problem.  Today's picture showed a roll of dimes in a glass container.  The students needed to remember that a roll of dimes is $5.  They also needed to remember the number of rolls of pennies that filled the same container.  Using this information, they should have been able to come to a very reasonable estimate of the value of the dimes in the glass container.

Our activity today was to work with multiplying and dividing decimals found in word problems.  As always, I am working to keep students interested in solving math problems and handing them a worksheet seems to shut off their brains!  However, I did have a group of students in each class that needed a little more attention, so they took their problems to our Content Mastery to help conquer division.  The rest of the class found these same problems on quizizz.com .  

Once students had completed the questions online, they were to create a word problem of their own using the Ticket Prices from the word problems they had solved.  They were also asked to write the equation for their problem and solve the problem showing their work.

Finally, we worked on a Countdown to STAAR and then on either multiplication or division of decimals on Khan.

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