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Friday, December 11, 2015

Benchmark Data and Industrial Revolution

So today, we began with graphing our benchmark data.  I had originally hoped that students would see a +10 improvement from their 4th Grade STAAR to this 5th Grade benchmark.  However, after viewing the results, I changed my own thinking.  With only half of a year's TEKS taught, it was much more appropriate to look for 50% of the test passed.  This revelation also allowed my classes to breathe a sigh of relief!  

We spent about the first 30  minutes adding our data from our benchmark to our 5th Grade Data sheet.


Today was also our final day of working toward completion of our Industrial Revolution Shark Tank Project from  teachsocialstudies.com .  By the end of class today, I wanted each student to have completed:
  • research
  • script
  • Google Slide presentation
I printed each student's script for them to take home over the weekend to practice.  Presentations will given on Monday.  After viewing a few of the scripts... I can't wait!

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