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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Industrial Revolution and Personal Financial Literacy Test

Today we began by reading a newspaper article titled "An Industrial Revolution Begins" and answering 6 questions based on our reading.

Then I used the sales pitch and PowerPoint that was given in the Industrial Revolution unit I found on teachsocialstudies.com .  This was the "hook" to show the classes the type of presentation they would be doing on an invention from the Industrial Revolution.  From here, I showed them the sales pitch assignment page and I had the kids draw for the invention they would be pitching on our version of Shark Tank.

We watched a few different sales pitches from the show to see what a good presentation would look like and what elements make a good sales pitch.  I then went over the rubric that would be used to assess their presentation.


Well, it seems like we just did this, but it is time for our end of unit assessment on Personal Financial Literacy.

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