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Friday, December 4, 2015

Math Benchmark

Crazy day #5!  We'll see how next week goes!  

Today we began with our school wide "campfire" meeting and then the kids headed to PE.  With all the craziness going on this week, there wasn't anyone available for read alouds until 9:30.

So, we began my math benchmark at 9:30.  Lunch is at 11:45 and I still had about 15 students who needed to finish, so they all came to my room.  The rest of the students either headed to music for the afternoon (our program is tonight) or were divided into the other two classrooms to "catch up" on things for reading and science.

We finished testing in time for recess and for the remaining kids to go to band.  The last 45 minutes of our day was "catching up" the students who had been finishing their benchmark and practicing their play.


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