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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas Costs WHAT?!?!

Crazy day #2!!!

Our day began with 30 minute classes.  I had each of my three classes for 30 minutes.  During this time, we finished up working with our budget sheet and finding the balance after putting in our housing and utilities amounts.  I was able to show my classes an auto loan calculator and we spent a few minutes finding out our monthly payments on a dream car!

At 10:30 we lost about 15 kids to the UIL competition, so we merged the rest of the classes into two groups and had two additional rotations.  This allows me to do one of my favorite Christmas activities, "The Twelve Days of Christmas Costs WHAT?!?!"

As always, I am looking to incorporate technology activities within my lessons.  So, I assigned each student the spreadsheet through Classroom.  The spreadsheet was very generic, but I decided to do some function practice with them.  We learned how to create a multiplication function to find the total cost of each gift and the number of gifts per day.

Once we had those functions in place, we visited the PNC Christmas Price Index to find the cost of each gift.  I kept this on the screen and we did each gift together because I love to hear their astonishment at the prices and the number of gifts!

Once we had price totals and gift totals, we needed to find the total cost of all of the gifts and the total number of gifts needed.  This time we needed to use a SUM function.  The classes were thrilled to learn this and loved seeing the math happen right before their eyes!

Once we determined the total number of gifts given, I asked the classes:

If “my true love” decided that there were just too many gifts, and she decided to give one item away every day, on what day would she give away the final gift?

Next, I decided to have them present their spreadsheets on Kidblog.  So, we opened a new post and we imported an image, titled our post, and then embedded their spreadsheet using the Drive button.  Once we had the spreadsheet in, I had them copy and paste a new set of instructions:

I do not know where I got this activity from, but I would be glad to give credit!

I had the students tell me where they would send each gift and asked them to Google the gifts to get some ideas, so we were able to incorporate a little research.

Overall, the kids really enjoyed the activity!  It's always a huge hit to see just how much money was spent on "my true love" AND the number of birds she now has to care for!

If you would like to view our Kidblog presentations, please follow the links below:

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