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Welcome to my math blog! The purpose of this blog is to help you stay informed about our learning and experiences that have taken place during our math class. I have also included links your child (and you) may want to use in order to supplement math learning in 5th grade.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators - Review

Today we reviewed the concepts we have worked with all week, adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators using models.  I decided to have students solve questions using http://quizizz.com/ .  I like using this format because

Students were required to show their work on paper and turn it in to me, as working with models was my focus.  To learn more about using Quizziz, the image credit link above takes you to a slide show that walks you through the process.

Once my students completed the assignment.  I asked them to get onto their Google Classroom account and clean off all of the "late" work they had.  There are all kinds of reasons for an assignment to have been marked "late" by the computer, but none of these assignments were deemed late by me!  Now, we can begin our second semester with a clean slate.

Finally, I asked my classes to spend some time working on Khan Academy.  We have not had much class time to do this, and Khan Academy is a great learning resource!

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