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Monday, January 25, 2016

Lemonade Stand: Business Plan

We started a new Project-Based Learning activity today:  Start a Lemonade Stand (follow the link above).  I began by having the students watch a BizKids video called:  BizKids Crash Course on Starting a Business.

Once we watched the video I explained that each student would be working on starting up a lemonade stand business.  We began by talking in table groups about where we would put a stand in our town, who might out customers be, the days and hours of operation, whether or not to have employees, etc.  It was a great discussion time and the kids were full of great ideas!

Once we had brainstormed our ideas, the kids opened their Business Plan on their Google Classroom assignment.  This is where I have also placed the videos for them to watch if they would like.  Everyone was on task as they all planned their business.  As students finished, I had them watch a quick video on how to build a lemonade stand.

To finish off the day, students worked on a Countdown to STAAR.  Then, I reminded the students that our principal is always looking for students to go from mediocre to AWEsome, and their chance this week was to work on a daily spiral review.  

Each day they are to solve 5 problems and earn STAARbucks for correct answers.  They can then use their STAARbucks to "purchase" items from our school store.

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