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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lemonade Stand: Gathering Supplies

We continued working on our project, much to my kids' delight!  On Monday, I asked my classes to estimate the number of customers they estimate would visit their stand each day.  Today, we took that number and divided the customers between those the kids thought would purchase lemonade and those the kids thought would purchase limeade.

Once we had that number we looked at recipes for both lemonade and limeade.  We used the recipes and our number of customers to determine the amount of sugar, water, and lemons/limes we would need daily. This gave some practice with adding fractions.  Once we knew our daily amounts, we needed to calculate our weekly amounts.  This was different per student as each one had determined the number of days they would be open each week when they filled out their Business Plan on Monday.  This part of the activity allowed the students to work with multiplying fractions.  These two elements of the project also had the students working with converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Once the weekly amounts were determined, the students added their information to a weekly shopping list.  This was the stopping point for today.

We spent the last 20 minutes working on a Countdown to STAAR.  Students also had the choice of taking a short spiral review home in order to earn STAARbucks to use at the school store.  We are always looking for ways to take our school from mediocre to AWEsome!

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