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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snowflake Diamonte

Today we cut out paper snowflakes!  We began by reading/looking at a pop-up book called "Snowflakes" by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff.

Then we watched a short Khan Academy video called "Snowflakes, Starflakes, and Swirlflakes."  This is a fun video to watch as all kinds of paper cutting reveals all kinds of snowflakes.  Fair warning, hang on to your seat!

Next, each student was given a template to use.  I found the templates at http://www.daves-snowflakes.com/patterns.html  Each template began as a hexagon, was folded on a line of symmetry to form a trapezoid, was folded to form a rhombus, and finally folded to form an equilateral triangle.  Now, the students cut away the black areas.  Each snowflake was attached to a sheet of black construction paper:

Finally, I asked the kids to create a Diamonte poem about the relationship between snowflakes and geometry.  A little disclaimer.... we had a very difficult time thinking of participles (words ending in -ing) for geometry.  I challenged my students to complete the Diamonte with participles for Geometry, if they could.  However, I allowed them to use attributes of geometric shapes instead:

Before leaving, I took a photo of each student with their snowflake.  I will send the picture to them and tomorrow we will take a screenshot of just the snowflake and post it to our Kidblog site(s) along with their poems.

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