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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kid in a Candy Store: Day 3

I had decided to take the, in progress, floor plans home to look over last night.  I wanted to catch any problems before they became permanent.  A few of the items I came across were:

  1. Make sure you can walk around and stand behind your counter.
  2. If you have included a bathroom in your floor plan, be sure to have a door....
  3. Federal law mandates that aisles be a minimum of 3' to be handicap accessible.... make sure your aisles have at least 3 feet
  4. Make sure the displays you have chosen to include are the correct dimensions as given in the packet.
We spent a majority of our class time today correcting these errors, completing our plan, and adding some color to make them visually pleasing.  We will not be able to complete the PBL in its entirety.  We have a diminishing amount of time in which to cover our remaining TEKS before our STAAR test in a few weeks.

We finished math with a Countdown to STAAR.

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