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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Women in the Civil War

I found an activity titled "Women in the War" from the U.S. Department of the Interior.  This lesson provides six dilemmas faced by women during the Civil War.  It also tells how each of these women faced their dilemma and the outcome.

I chose to begin with the dilemmas.  Each table received one and had a few minutes of read the dilemma and address what they would have done in this person's place.  We went through each table's decision before I revealed that the person in each dilemma was a woman.

From there, we read the two articles in our Social Studies newspaper about the roles women played in the Civil War.  These roles varied from the usual domestic needs that needed to be addressed to being nurses, to being disguised as men to be in the military, to working as spies.

Once we read through this information, I had the students read about the woman in their dilemma and the results/outcomes (I used screen shots to save these to Classroom in order to save paper).  I asked the students to write to me about their woman, her dilemma, and how she showed bravery in the choice she made.

To finish off the day, we completed a Countdown to STAAR.

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