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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Coordinate Graphing: Design Your Own Town

I have been out the past two days on a trip with my family (their spring break did not coincide with mine), but I wanted learning to happen while I was away.  So, I decided to have my students do the following two-day project:

I am always looking for a high-interest way to have my students work with coordinate graphing.  My students always love the pictures they can make using ordered pairs, but I wanted something with higher level thinking and application.  I found such an activity on teacherspayteachers.com, called Design Your Town.

Day 1, the focus was just on creating the map using grid paper.  The students:
  • Labeled and numbered their x and y-axis.
  • Drew and labeled 7 buildings.
  • Plotted and labeled 4 points of interest.
  • Included a compass rose.
  • Creatively named the town.
  • Included streets between the buildings.
  • Added color.

Day 2:  they went to their math Classroom and open the Google Doc I had assigned.  Instead of doing their work on a separate sheet of paper, as stated in the instructions, I asked them to complete the following tables on the Google Doc:

They spent the rest of our class time completing the tables using their maps and ordered pairs.  

When I returned to school today, I found that not everyone was able to get finished, so students had about 30 minutes to finish up.  Those that had finished were to work on Think Through Math.

We finished off our math class by completing a Countdown to STAAR.  Our STAAR test in on March 29 (8 school days).

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