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Friday, March 18, 2016

Graphing: Bar Graph

Today we focused on creating and analyzing bar graphs.  I had each student go to their math classroom to see their math assignment:

We opened all three of the attachments:

  1. Alphabet Frequency Homeroom Data
  2. 5 Most Frequently Used Letters
  3. Create a Graph
The first document was the spreadsheet that held the data we had gathered yesterday.  We had data on the alphabet letter frequency sheet for each table and for each class.  We began by comparing the five most frequently used letters in each class.  We found that each class had the exact same letters but in different orders of frequency.  Next, we combined the data for all three classes to determine the totals for 5th grade.  We were thrilled to see that they just reinforced our findings.

Next, we opened Create a Graph and began building our graph.  We chose Bar Graph, we gave the graph a title, we labeled the x-axis, we labeled the y-axis, and then we enlarged the data set to 26 to hold all of the letters of the alphabet.  Students used the 5th grade data for complete the graph.  Then they copied and pasted the graph to their Google Doc and filled in a frequency table for this data.  Then they were asked to predict the five letters most frequently used in the English language (most chose to use the letters and order of our 5th grade data).

Finally, they went to letterfrequency.org to find the five most frequently used letters from this site.  They filled in a final table and then were asked to draw a final conclusion based on the accuracy of our data as compared to the official data.  

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