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Friday, April 8, 2016

Genius Hour: Planning

Just can't say enough about the Genius Hour!  Today we began by discussing how to go about research, note taking, and keeping a bibliography.

  • Research:  The research can be done on our Chromebooks (we are 1-to-1), books, magazines, etc.  Any notes are to be kept in their math journal.  To make working with the bibliography easier, I showed my classes how to open a Google Doc - go to Tools - choose Research.  This opens a search box to the right of the Google Doc.  

Once a student chooses a link from the research box, they are taken to the site.  

  • Note taking/Bibliography:  While at the site, if they choose to write down information in their notes, they were to go back to their bibliography, choose "insert link" and then "cite".  This would put a live link into their bibliography that would allow them to find the site again easily.  By choosing "cite" each resource is numbered and the information is placed at the bottom of the page.  Students use the resource number to number their notes.  I felt that this would be a good use of our resources and make the process of creating a bibliography a little less off-putting.  

I also asked the classes to submit their guiding question through a Google Form to be used as examples next year.  Then, I wanted to refocus their attention back to their project and product, so I asked them to fill out a planning page.  This was added to their orange folder as part of their documentation for the project presentation at our AWEsome Expo in May.

After spending about 40 minutes on their project, we completed the class by filling out a Weekly Reflection.  After I look through them, I will give them back next week to be placed in their orange folders and to be read before starting our next Genius Hour.

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