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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Think Through Math Benchmark

There is an online mathematics program called Think Through Math, available to educators at no cost.  The program was a little late in beginning this year, so we were not able to reap the full benefits this school year.

We began working on TTM in February, at which time students were given a placement test to determine their performance level (advanced, proficient, basic, below basic, and far below basic).  Once this was determined, the program moves students through lessons deemed appropriate.  Some students work on level, some are dropped to a lower level lesson to fill in a gap, others move forward at a rapid pace.

A new feature this year was the addition of benchmarks.  Again, as we joined so late in the year, we were unable to take the first benchmark until the students had been on TTM a minimum of 30 days between assessments.  Then there is the fact that a benchmark time frame is also given.  Benchmarks must be taken between the given dates.

So, my classes spent their class time completing the benchmark.  Then, if they needed to complete their Social Studies assignments, they were allowed to use the remaining time.  Students who needed something else to do, presented their Passion Project proposal to me and then got back onto TTM to earn points for their avatars.

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