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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cups Challenge - Student Led Classroom

Yesterday, my classes worked through the Breakout EDU challenge.  I began with this lesson in order for my students to begin thinking about working collaboratively.  To begin class today, I asked my classes to write down three things they wanted people to do when working in a collaborative group.  After writing these down individually, I had my students compare their ideas with the people at their table group.  They found that they all had very similar ideas of what they expected others to do when working in a group.

To finalize their ideas of what a good group does in order to ensure success, I had them complete a cup stacking challenge I found on the blog "Runde's Room".  Basically, students had to moved cups from a stacked pyramid into a single stack using only a rubber band and pieces of string.

It was fun to watch each table group approach the challenge differently.  While each group was successful, each group had different issues that arose as they worked through the challenge.  As we came back as a class, I asked the table groups to choose a "reporter" to share with the class a challenge they faced as a team and how they solved it.

At this point, I asked each group to create a list of 4 key points a team needed to follow in order to work successfully as a team.  Next, they were asked to agree on the two points they thought were most important for teams to follow in order to ensure success. 

As each team reported out their ideas, I recorded them on a Google Doc titled "Secret To Success."  We also discussed each idea in order to ensure that everyone agreed with the idea and what it might look like in action.  I explained that we would be referring to these charts as we worked in teams throughout the school year.

To finish off the day, I had my classes complete an Exit Ticket using the following prompt:

Apply what we have learned today to yourself. 
Describe how YOU will work in a group setting to ensure both your success and the success of your group.

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