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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Factors, Multiples, Prime and Composite: Day B

Trying Something New:  Day 2

This was my second day of math centers and things are moving smoothly.  Today, I had students working through 15 minute rotations.  

The first round of rotations:

  • My two groups who are working below level were to go through some Khan Academy lessons.  To make this an easy process, I assigned the videos/activities that I wanted them to work through on Google Classroom.
  • My on level group worked at the teacher table with me.  We focused on determining if a number was prime or composite.  While we had our 100s chart that made this information easily accessible, I wanted to focus on working with the factors of the numbers.  The kids really enjoyed this activity that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers:
  • My above level group worked with me to begin a set of Number Sense note cards that will be kept on a ring for easy access.  We also went over the activity they had completed yesterday.  Finally, we began to work through the first 20 questions on a Number Sense test to determine which topics we should cover.

We spent the remainder of our time working on a math assignment from Algebra Readiness Builders.  I really like this resource, it is great review and it gently moves students into new learning.  It builds on itself each day.

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