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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Factors/Multiples/Prime/Composite: Day C

Rotations - Day C

Our lesson frame was the same as yesterday, but the groups worked on different activities:

  • We will work on activities that reinforce our understanding of multiples, factors, prime, and composite.
  • I will name multiples, find factors, and determine if a number is prime or composite.

Groups 1 & 4

Today, I decided that I wanted to see how they did working

with the task cards.  So, we worked through the problems 

checking their work.  I was glad that we had the time 

together, as it allowed me to discover that there were 

students who were still having issues remembering the 

difference between factors and multiples.

Factors and Multiples Task Cards

With the short amount of time we had left, we worked with 

determining if a number was prime or composite.  This time, 

we focused on working with divisibility rules.

Group 2

Looking for something a little different, I Googled online 

games that involved working with factors.  There are all 

kinds available and the kids enjoyed having an opportunity 

to "play."

Group 3

This group revisited changing Roman Numerals into Arabic 

numbers.  They really enjoyed the challenge and the "new-

ness" of this concept!

Exit Ticket

The exit ticket was very straightforward.  I asked the kids to 

find all of the factors of 48 using their Divisibility Rules.

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