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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Factors/Multiples/Prime/Composite: Day B

Rotations - Day B

Our lesson frame was the same as yesterday, but the groups worked on different activities:
  • We will work on activities that reinforce our understanding of multiples, factors, prime, and composite.
  • I will name multiples, find factors, and determine if a number is prime or composite.

Groups 1 & 4

Today, I wanted these groups to work with the concepts we

had practiced yesterday. So, today it was their turn to work

with the task cards.

Factors and Multiples Task Cards

Groups 2 & 3

After watching the groups yesterday and watching students results as they work through Think Through Math, I realized that these two groups needed a little more reinforcement with these concepts as well.  So, knowing that they had been eyeballing the groups work with me yesterday, I knew they would love this activity....cootie catchers!

Factors and Multiples Cootie Catchers

I wanted to give my kids a chance to tell me how they were 

feeling about these concepts, and I was please to find this exit

ticket activity:

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