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Welcome to my math blog! The purpose of this blog is to help you stay informed about our learning and experiences that have taken place during our math class. I have also included links your child (and you) may want to use in order to supplement math learning in 5th grade.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Wrap Up

Bell Ringer

I haven't been including the bell ringers that I use as a math warm up!  What was I thinking?!?!  These are some of the favorite parts of my day!  Today, I used "Guess My Number" to get the kids warmed up!  I purchased these from Teachers Pay Teachers.  The students have to use the clues presented to determine the mystery number!


Our next step was to review prime and composite in an engaging way.  We played a Kahoot!  I actually found one that had been created.  I allowed my students to use the notes we have been working with all week to help them feel successful.

Fast Focus

I thought it was time to get a snapshot of how my students are understanding prime and composite numbers, so I used gave them a Fast Focus from the Countdown to STAAR Fast Focus Grade 5 series.  Basically, they answered 5 questions (problem solving variety) that required them to have a working understanding of prime and composite.  Honestly, I allowed them to use their journal again.  This was not a test, so I didn't think it inappropriate for them to use the resources available to them.

Think Through Math

We completed our day with problem solving on Think Through Math.  I also allowed the last 10 minutes to be avatar time!  If they wanted, they could spend a few minutes updating their avatar.

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