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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Think Through Math: Journal

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Our lesson frame for the day:
  • We will learn the process for completing a Journal Lesson Organizer for a TTM lesson.
  • I will justify Mrs. Dittrich’s decision to have me complete a Journal Lesson Organizer with every TTM lesson I attempt.
I began by asking my students to have a short discussion about the kind of mindset they should have about keeping a journal and why. The overwhelming response was that while they might not like having to keep a journal, it was important so that they can take notes about new information.

These are the slides I showed to my students as we worked through the journaling process:

At this point, I asked by students to talk to their table group and determine three reasons I am requiring them to keep a journal as they work through TTM.

Next, I wanted to show students how their TTM page would look and how to find things, so we discussed

Home Page

Contest Page

Redeem Page

There were a few more thingS I needed to show the kids as they are are working through the Guided Learning portion of their lesson.

I went over the use of "math words," "formulas," and most importantly "math help."  Math Help is where they can actually request help from a live TTM educator.  I wanted to be sure and go over the correct etiquette before they pressed the "chat" button!

Finally, it was time to begin!  The kids had about 30 minutes to work on TTM.  It was fun to begin handing out rewards as soon as students passed lessons by passing the pre-quiz and also when students had to work through the entire lesson process and passed a lesson!  Here we go! 

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