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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Estimating Sums and Differences of Fractions: Notes

Today we began working with estimating the sums and differences of fractions.  We started by using a fraction number sense page from "Common Core Math Interactive Notebook:  Numbers and Operations:  Fractions" by Jennifer Findley.  Basically, there is a page where we can create a foldable that allows us to look at fractions to determine if they are closer to 0, 1/2, or 1.

I also found a website that had a plethora of activities that went right along with this topic and included estimating both fractions and mixed numbers.  The site is called Math Worksheets Island.  What I liked from this was that it laid out three rules to use when estimating sums and differences:

  1. If the numerator is much smaller than the denominator, then the result will be 0.
  2. If the numerator is about one half of the denominator, then the result will be 1/2.
  3. If the numerator and denominator are close to each other, then the result will be 1.
I combined both of these ideas into one foldable.  Then we began practicing estimating sums and differences with fractions.

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