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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Outdoor School Wrap Up


We had a fantastic time on our overnight field trip to The Outdoor School at Camp Champions!  In an effort to make this event not only more memorable, but also a learning opportunity, we had a kind of closure today.

Our science teacher is having all of the students write a thank you letter to the parent chaperones that attended with us as well as to the camp counselors who taught our classes.  Our reading teacher is having the kids design a memory page as well as a postcard that we will give to 4th graders to spark their interest in attending next year.

My class had a few different things to accomplish.

  1. We changed out the string in our Outdoor School name tag.  We will use this name tag to earn beads throughout the remainder of the school year.  Students earn beads for citizenship, honor roll, attendance, etc.
  2. We talked about the Outdoor School plaques that students will be creating to decorate our library wall.  Each plaque must contain the name of the group, the year, group member names and an illustration.  These will be due next Tuesday and will be voted on.  There will be one plaque per group.
  3. Next, we voted on the boy and girl from each group that showed PRIDE during our trip.  P = perseverance, R = respect, I = Integrity, D = (self) disciplie, and E = Encouragement.
  4. Finally, I had the students write about the PRIDE they showed during their trip on an index card.  Basically, they made an acrostic with the letters PRIDE and wrote about one way they showed each of these characteristics.
We had about 30 minutes left in our class periods, so as soon as the index card was complete, students worked on Think Through Math.

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