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Welcome to my math blog! The purpose of this blog is to help you stay informed about our learning and experiences that have taken place during our math class. I have also included links your child (and you) may want to use in order to supplement math learning in 5th grade.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Back from Thanksgiving! Let's ease back into math!

Lesson Frame:

  • We will divide AND represent division of a unit fraction by a whole number, and the division of a whole number by a unit fraction.
  • I will divide AND use models to represent division of a unit fraction by a whole number and a whole number by a unit fraction.

Khan Academy

So, we have been out of school for a week. Probably not a good idea to give a quiz over dividing unit fractions and whole numbers what with a week of too much food, too much play, and absolutely no thought of math!!!

Therefore, I decided to ease my kiddos back into school by having them practice dividing unit fractions and whole numbers on Khan Academy. I reminded them that they had notes they could refer to on page 12 of their journal, I reminded them that they could watch any video suggestions given on Khan. Then, I gave them 20 minutes to have at it. Most did not complete the five sessions, so we will continue tomorrow.

Number Sense

Our UIL competition is next week, so my Number Sense group began by working through a Number Sense test. When finished, they delved into the Khan assignments.

Fifth Grade Builder

We have a wacky few weeks coming up, so I want to be sure and keep my kids' constantly reviewing previously taught concepts, so we completed Fifth Grade Builder #35. I don't typically assign math for homework on a Monday, so I made sure there was ample class time to complete the assignment.

Think Through Math/Khan

Once students had completed the Fifth Grade Builder, it was time to get back into the world of Think Through Math. However, I have students who have completed the 5th grade pathway on Think Through Math. So, these kids will now be dividing their time between the 6th Grade pathway on Think Through Math, and passing lessons and earning points on Khan Academy. Today, it was Khan Academy.

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