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Monday, November 7, 2016

Multiplying a Fraction and a Whole Number: Rotation Day A

Lesson Frame:
  • We will represent and solve problems involving multiplication of a whole number and a fraction.
  • I will represent and solve problems involving multiplication of a whole number and a fraction.

Last week, we spent days learning about the different ways you can represent the multiplication of a fraction and a whole number, as well as, learning how to solve these types of problems using an equation. This week we need to practice.

Group 1 & 4: Teacher Time

Beginning with these two groups, I asked the students to solve problems using both models and the standard algorithm.  There are a total of 16 problems in this resource.  I am having students solve the problems, record their answers, and keep up with their answer sheet until Thursday.  I have made this resource into a Kahoot.  By solving the problems first, this should allow all of my kids a fighting chance when playing the game.  I decided to do it this way after seeing the frustration of some of my students when the same handful of students "win" every time.

Group 3 & 4:  Khan Academy

These two groups focused on solving multiplication of a whole number and fraction online using lessons and practice session from Khan Academy.  

Think Through Math

Typically Mondays are used to teach a new concept, however, since today was a continuation from last week, we had about 20 minutes left to our math class.  I asked my students to get back on Think Through Math to give us a little more precious time working on completing lessons.  Let me just say, the best thing I have ever done is to allow my students to have a piece of candy after every lesson passed.  I use Jolly Ranches and I am on my 3rd HUGE bag this year!  If you are having any issues getting your students to actively pursue passing lessons on TTM.... buy some Jolly Ranchers and watch out!

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