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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Friday Before Thanksgiving Break

What to do the Friday before Thanksgiving...  Do I begin a new set of rotations and have a week long break between?   Do I give a short assessment on our new learning, knowing that most of my students are still struggling with the concept?   I decided "no" to the previous two questions and decided to just have as close to a normal day as possible.  

So, we began with what can best be described as our Spelling time.  I have multiple groups working on multiple things all at the same time:

  • The largest group is working on LEXIA in order to build their spelling, ELA, and reading comprehension.
  • My second group has completed LEXIA through 5th grade and is working on spelling on Spelling City.
  • My third group has completed LEXIA and are my UIL Spelling and Dictionary teams.  These groups practice either the UIL Spelling or UIL Dictionary "tests" each day.
Next, we went ahead and completed our next Fifth Grade Builder (#34).  We had some new learning yesterday, so I wanted to reinforce the new knowledge before too much turkey and too many computer games took their toll!

Finally, we spent the remainder of time working on Think Through Math.  My students are really doing a terrific job of passing lessons and attaining the goals we have set.  So, I wanted to keep that momentum going, knowing full well, that the aforementioned computer games will probably NOT include TTM!  We did spend the final 10 minutes redeeming TTM points and designing TTM avatars.

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