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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fractions: Speed Review with Kahoot

Lesson Frame

  • We will review the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.
  • I will work on a speed review to solve problems involving fractions along with a partner.

I was looking for a fun review game, when I came across this blog post:  Math Can Be Fun?!?!?  Basically, this activity uses "speed dating" as a kind of review.  I took this idea and tweaked it.  

I placed "stay" and "move" cards on desks creating groups of two.  The student at "stay" took out the chromebook and logged on to Kahoot.  I created a Kahoot that did not keep track of points, so speed was not an issue.  I gave two minutes per question.  

So, I began the Kahoot.  First, the students worked with the partner they had to answer the question.  Then, they put their answer into the game.  Once time was up, or all groups had entered their answer, we were able to see how the groups did.  I was not able to tell which group(s) answered incorrectly, however, any time there was an incorrect response, we corrected it before moving on.  Then, before the next question was posted, the "move" students moved to the next station.

Overall, this was a huge success.  My goal was to make sure students talked to each other about the question and came to an agreement on the answer.  The kids loved this kind of review.  There was constant movement, they were able to work with ten different people and get different view points, there was a high level of success because my "stay" students were my strongest students and this allowed struggling students to be successful in a positive environment.

We will have another speed round tomorrow.


We were finally able to get back to our Fifth Grade Builder today.  I was glad to see that the kids got right back into a math mindset after such a crazy week.

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