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Friday, December 2, 2016

GEMDAS - Day 2

Lesson Frame

  • We will simplify numerical expressions that do not involve exponents, including up to two levels of grouping.
  • I will use GEMDAS to simplify numerical expressions that do not involve exponents.


As a student, I learned the order of operations using PEMDAS.  However, brackets tended to confuse the issue because the "P" stands for "parentheses" and a bracket is not a parentheses to an elementary student.  So, the mnemonic device has changed to GEMDAS.  The "G" stands for "grouping symbols" which covers both parentheses and brackets.

I found a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers that is perfect for today:

This leaf has 24 problems that involve GEMDAS, but do not include the use of exponents.  The answers are given, which helps students know they are on the right track, but also is a color code for coloring the leaf.  I did include a response sheet on the back, so that I know that they did the work and got the correct answer and didn't just color.

We worked for about 30 minutes on it and then we worked for about 30 minutes on Think Through Math.  We spent the final 10  minutes of class redeeming our points by either donating to a cause or updating avatars.

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