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Monday, December 5, 2016

Math Benchmark - Crazy Day #1

So, our craziest week (so far) begins!

We started with having students pulled for UIL Ready Writing.  We had a schedule in place, but there was a hitch in the get along, so we had to revise the revised schedule!  We are able to see all three classes for 45 minutes before lunch!


So, what to do with 45 minutes?!?  Well, we began with 20 minutes on Lexia and my UIL Spelling team worked on their last set of spelling words before the competition tomorrow.

Next, we worked towards completion of the GEMDAS leaf, UNLESS you are a UIL team of mine (those students took a Number Sense Practice test) OR you don't have 15 lessons passed in Think Through Math (those students spent time attempting to pass a lesson).  Our goal is to have everyone at 15 lessons passed before our Christmas Break.

Math Benchmark

After lunch we spent the remainder of the day completing our Math Benchmark.  We used the released STAAR test from Spring 2016.  My students who have an accommodation to have their test read aloud to them used their Chromebook and my Screencastify videos (I did 10 problems per video) to meet this need.  My Special Ed students were also allowed the use of their calculator.    I will use the information gleaned from this benchmark to determine curriculum to teach, small group remediation, and tutoring that is needed.

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