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Friday, January 20, 2017

Accomplishing our SMART Goals

Lesson Frame

  • We will work on Khan Academy or Think Through Math to close any mathematics gaps.
  • I will work on Khan or Think Through Math in order to accomplish my SMART goal.

Well, an important event in our nation occurred today with the inauguration of our President.  As I told my kids, it doesn't matter who you wanted to win, watching the inauguration is watching the history of the United States being made.  So, we took some of my first period to watch a part of history.  This limited the amount of math today, so I made some changes with the other two classes.

We spent half of our math time on Khan and then the other half on Think Through Math.  This allowed everyone to work on their SMART goal, but also advance on the other program.  We spent the final 10 minutes donating points and playing with avatars.

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