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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Accomplishing SMART Goals: Competition Helps!

Lesson Frame

  • We will work on achieving our Khan Academy SMART goals.
  • I will work on achieving my Khan goal.


So, with my focus being on student progress on both Think Through Math and Khan, I thought I would sweeten the pot as far as the rewards go.  The following rewards are still in place:


Now, it is time to add some competition.

Think Through Math
  1. My homeroom has already achieved 100% towards their TTM classroom goal, so they are working on their second goal.  This time, we are challenging 3rd grade to beat us to it.... right now 3rd grade is winning!  Who knew they would hoard points?!?!?!  Also, by achieving the second 100%, they will earn a pizza party for the class.
  2. My other two classes are in competition to see who gets to their first classroom reward.  Right now they are neck and neck.  Once they achieve this goal, they will go for a second and maybe this time we will challenge 4th grade!  
  3. All three of my classes are in a 3-week competition to see which class gets them most passed lessons.  This will earn them an ice cream party!
Khan Academy
  1. Once an entire class reaches 30 passed skills on Khan, that class will get donuts!  Who knows, I may even bring in assorted donuts!
  2. Today, I asked my kids to fill out a Google Form that would give me some ideas to use for when the classes reach 45, 60, 75, and so one.  We will choose our next reward as we achieve the first goal.

This one is a doosey! My principal and I are still in the beginning stages of a plan for this, but it will be BIG.  The goal is 100% passing on the March 28 STAAR test.  We are also shooting for 40% advanced (commended), which is about 22 children.  Last year we had 15, so WE CAN DO THIS!  Not sure what the added bonus might be, but wouldn't it be great!


So far, my kids are incredibly motivated!  I have never seen such enthusiastic math problem solving in my life!  It helps that the students feel confident in their abilities to work the problems, so they are not trepidatious about jumping into the work.

I will keep you posted on our results!

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