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Monday, January 23, 2017

Accomplishing SMART Goals

Lesson Frame:

  • We will work on accomplishing SMART goals.
  • I will work towards completing my SMART goal.


So, we have something like 63 days until our STAAR test.  I want my students to do well, but I don't necessarily want to STAAR review them to death.  Therefore, I have decided to spend all of our time on math.... not whole group learning, but individualized, differentiated learning.  I can accomplish this with the use of Think Through Math and Khan Academy.

My plan is to daily have a Fifth Grade Builder or a Countdown to STAAR to continue our spiral review.  Then, the remainder of the period will be devoted to either Think Through Math or Khan.  This way, my students are doing all kinds of different math at their own pace and their readiness level.

While students are working on one of these online programs, I will be working individually with students I have seen to be struggling through the reports I received from these programs.  This will allow me to give instant feedback and immediate help in areas students are struggling.

It makes me a little nervous to no longer be the "sage on the stage," but if my kids are enthusiastically engaged in these math programs.  Why would I shut that down just to talk?  So, I will continue to monitor and as I find areas where multiple students are struggling, I will pull them into a group to learn together, otherwise, I am just going to let the kids continue to meet their goals! 

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