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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rounding Decimals

Lesson Frame

  • We will Round decimals to tenths or hundredths.
  • I will locate the correct place to be rounded and then use rounding rules to correctly round the decimal number.


So every year rounding is a concept that baffles my students. What's funny is that they have been rounding for years. This kind of befuddlement bewilders me, so I tried something new today. The problem is, my Screencastify didn't work, so I don't have any evidence of my work! AARGH!

Basically, we began with a decimal number. First, I had students write the place value under the number, placing a "1" under the decimal point (pink pen). Next, using this place value information, I placed a box around the place and its neighbor to the right. Then above the box I wrote the lower 10 and above the box I wrote the higher 10. We circled the number CLOSEST to the number in the box. Finally, we rewrote the number by keeping everything in front of the box, then adding the circled number, and finally converting any digits after the box into "0".

I am hoping this image helps:

I just thought that working with the two numbers needed to round as a single number might, in fact, make rounding make sense. My students, in each class, overwhelmingly agreed that this process makes understanding the concept much easier. I hope this holds true over time!


Today we just took notes on rounding with decimals, so we had time to do a Countdown to STAAR and work on our SMART goals:

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