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Friday, June 3, 2016

Awards Ceremony and early release due to flooding!

Today was supposed to be a full day of school.  It began regularly enough... we showed the CD/Video of our Titanic Luncheon, most of our kids were pulled out to practice their Talent Show act (this act involves about 90% of our kids, it's pretty cool!), and then our kids were pulled to set up chairs in the cafeteria for the awards assembly.

During the awards assembly, every phone went off with a weather alert, flooding in the area.  No one thought too much of it, our school is on the highest point in the area!  Back to class, start our final math activity, finding out how many (approximately) seconds we have been in school this year, since entering kindergarten, how many until we graduate, and how many until we start next year (junior high).  We hadn't gotten very far when the announcement came, early release due to flooding (we are in a rural area and have many creeks that can become rivers and rivers that can become scary!)!

Now the day becomes a little chaotic!  Calling parents to have them come get their child or tell us how the child is getting home.  Early lunch to ensure our kids eat (we are a Title 1 school).  Make sure all kids are actually picked up when the time came.  Going home ourselves to ensure our safety.

More rain is expected, but we are scheduled for one more half day to wrap things up!

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