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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Accomplishing SMART Goals: Khan AND Think Through Math

We are almost to our deadline for getting 30 lessons passed on Think Through Math.  So, students have a choice where to spend their time from now until the test.  

All students have SMART goals for both TTM and Khan, so students are trying to reach these goals and set new ones.  I have warned that there could be consequences of students NOT working on TTM.  The consequence could be that another class wins the Minute-to-Win-It game day and our competition ends Friday!  With this in mind, students choose where they need to work.

Lesson Frame:

  • We will work on passing Think Through Math or Khan lessons in order to achieve our SMART goal.
  • I will work on passing lessons to get closer to achieving my SMART goal(s).

  1. Countdown to STAAR
  2. Think Through Math or Khan

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