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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PEMDAS: A Skeleton of My Former Self

We worked with the order of operations or PEMDAS again today.  Our worksheet today was called "A Skeleton of My Former Self" from The Mailbox Magazine, Oct/Nov 2007.  What I liked about the worksheet is that the answers to the equations answer a human body factoid.  Not only that, the skeleton also seems to fit with October....

Our critical thinking assignment was to create an Order Of Operations Math Concept Poster.  This activity is from Math Concept Posters by Jennifer Runde.  I gave the students the template to fill in

They are asked to think about the Order of Operations and:

  • explain in words
  • explain in pictures
  • explain in numbers
  • make up a problem using the concept and solve it
  • explain a real life example
  • describe a memory technique to help remember the concept
I want them to be CREATIVE, there is no real right or wrong to this.... surprise me!

I gave each student a copy of a Self-Assessment Checklist to use to guide them to make improvements to their poster before turning it in.

I also gave each student a copy of the rubric I am going to use to assess the poster.

I am asking the kids to return the rubric and checklist along with the poster tomorrow.

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