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Friday, March 7, 2014

Quadrilateral Attributes: 2-Way and 3-Way Venn Diagrams

Today we worked with geometric attributes using Venn Diagrams.  Today's lesson came from the book:  Navigating through Geometry in Grades 3.5

We used the activity "Roping in Quadrilaterals".  I made large venn diagrams (2-way and 3-way).  I labeled the diagrams with geometric attributes and gave the kids 16 shapes to sort using those attributes.  Each table had a venn diagram to work with.  They were given 8 minutes to sort their shapes.  They then used paper venn diagrams to show their work.  Then we switched tables and worked with a different venn diagram.

One new concept we had to learn to work with was adjacent sides.

It was a very active, fun, higher thinking activity that was perfect to end our week and lead into Spring Break!  See you on March 17!

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