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Friday, November 1, 2013

Great Pumpkin Caper: Data Day

When the kids got to class today, we gathered all of the data from all 18 of the pumpkins that were explored yesterday and recorded on the data sheet.

As we recorded the data for the seeds, I asked each team to tell me the actual number of seeds and then the estimated number of seeds.  We discussed how REASONABLE our estimates were as compared to our actual results.  We had some groups who were less than 10 seeds away!

I have been working with the classes on range, mean, median, and mode for the past 9 weeks.  Therefore, I thought it was time for a little test to see what they could do.  I asked the kids to find the range, mean, median, and mode for each of the columns of data we collected (weight, circumference, lines, and seeds).  Now, before you hyperventilate.... I will tell you that we worked with CALCULATORS today (I am not THAT mean)!  Also, I did not expect them to finish all four columns, I will assess them using what is completed only.

Finally, we used the data to answer some true false statements.  If the statements were false, the kids had to explain why:

  1. The size of the pumpkin determines the number of seeds inside.
  2. The number of lines outside the pumpkin relates to the number of seeds inside.
  3. The more a pumpkin weighs, the more seeds it will have.
  4. The larger the circumference of a pumpkin, the heavier the pumpkin.
  5. The heavier the pumpkin, the more likely it is to sink.
Have a great weekend!

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