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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hands-On Equations (Day 6)

Today, our lesson with Hands-on Equations had the "Students use concrete models to represent the multiplication of a binomial (two terms) by a positive integer (whole number) constant (a fixed value), such as 2(x+1)." Ok, lots of large words....basically, the students multiplied a binomial (x+1) by a positive whole number that is fixed (2) !  By the end of the class not one child was afraid of any of the words anymore!  It was a very good day!

For example,  students were given the equation:

2(x + 3) = x + 8

To set this up on their scale, they needed to put x+3 TWICE on the left side of the scale and x+ 8 on the right:

x + 3 
x + 3 = x + 8

I then told them to take a shortcut by asking them what 3 + 3 was.  We took off the two 3 cubes and replaced it with a six:

x + x + 6 = x + 8

Now, we removed an "x" from each side leaving:

x + 6 = 8

Now we removed 6 from the left, and subtracted 6 from 8 leaving:

x = 2

Finally, we worked the problem knowing that x=2:

2(x + 3) = x + 8
2(2+3) = 2 + 8
2(5) = 2+ 8
10 = 10

To see Hands-On Equations Day 6 in action, please watch the video!

Have a great weekend!

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