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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hand-On Equations (Day 5)

We continued our study of basic algebra using our Hands-On Equations manipulatives.  We added a new twist today, we threw in subtraction!

On a problem such as:

5x - 3x + 2 = x + 5

Students first need to subtract 5x - 3x before setting the equation up on their scale.  Since 5x - 3x = 2x, the student only places 2x + 2 = x + 5 on the scale.

Then we followed the same procedures.  We brought down one "x" from each side leaving:  x + 2 = 5.

Next, we worked with the constants, removing 2 from each side leaving:  x = 3.

We replace the original equation on the scale:

2x + 2 = x + 5
2 x 3 + 2 = 3 + 5
6 + 2 = 8
8 = 8

We practiced a few more examples, and then students worked together or individually to complete 10 problems.  To view our examples, please following the link:  Hands-On Equations Day 5.


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