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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hands-On Equations Day 7 (Pictorial Representations)

Concrete Model

Pictorial Model

Moving from concrete models to pictorial representations was the focus of our Hands-On Equations lesson.  We began by taking a few notes about algebra.  

I wanted the students to have a way to remember the parts of an algebraic equations, so I made up the equation:  

A = V + C 

Then wrote the equation out in words:

Algebra is solving equations that have Variables (letter/ unknown value) and Constants (number/known value).

Then we labeled the parts of an equation.  Finally, we got to representing an equation pictorially. 

To see the explanation of working with algebra equations pictorially, please watch the video:  Hands-On Equations Day 7 (Pictorial Representations).

The student exit ticket today was:

Use a pictorial model to solve:

5x + 2 = 2x + 14

Explain, in words, how the pictorial model works.


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