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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Measurement: Length (Customary and Metric)

Our focus today was working with converting length measurements.  We work with both Customary and Metric units.  In an effort to make this topic engaging, I created a Kahoot for the classes to play.  I used word problems from two books that included factoids that I thought the kids would enjoy:

I also decided to have the classes work in table groups.  I felt it was important for there to be student interaction as they worked on solving problems.   This would allow to hear and see how problems, involving converting length measurements,  could be solved.

Before beginning, we reviewed the hand signals that had been used last year to remind students when to multiply or divide to find their conversions.  I also decided to allow the students to use calculators since Kahoots have time limits and I was just checking their knowledge of conversions.

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