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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Division.... more division...

One more day working on division word problems.  

I introduced another division strategy today.  This was called the partial quotient strategy:

To see how this strategy works, please view the video that I did in class today:

Once we went through this new strategy.  I asked my classes to write about their learning.  I asked them to give me two similarities and one difference between working with a standard algorithm and using the partial quotient strategy.

Finally, they began working on six division word problems.  By this time most of my kids are feeling pretty confident when it comes to dividing.  This was my goal.  We will revisit division when we have to divide decimal numbers and again when we have to divide fractions.  Before confronting my kids with new concepts in division, I wanted to be sure that they were confident in their ability to divide!

We will step away from division tomorrow, but we will have the division assessment on Monday.  Then.... on to algebra!

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