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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Decimal Number Forms

Our focus today was working with the different ways that decimal numbers can be written.  This becomes challenging as students are really not comfortable with decimal place value to thousandths.

To help with this new learning, I asked the classes to write the first three decimal places at the top of the paper to have a visual reminder.  Our first practice of the day began in word form:

I gave students the number "twelve and three hundred eight thousandths."  We took the word form and turned it into standard form (12.308), then expanded form first with fractional values (10 x 1 + 2 x 1 + 3 x 1/10 + 8 x 1/1000) then with decimal values (10 + 2 + .3 + .008), and then fractional form (12 203/1000).  Next we found the value of one of the digits, multiplied and divided our decimal number by 10 and 100, and finally rounded to the nearest tenth, hundredth, and thousandth.  

We practiced through the process using two additional decimal numbers.  To see our first example, please follow the link:  Decimal Number Forms.  To view the second set, please follow the link:  Decimal Number Forms 2.

This is an example of what the classroom work looked like:

We placed this page in our math journal to use with the homework assignment.  I assigned four additional decimal numbers for practice.  We had about 30 minutes of class time to complete the problems, so there should be very little homework!  :-)

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