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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No math today

It doesn't happen very often, but as we have finished our unit on decimals and we needed to close up Social Studies before the break, we focused on Social Studies today.

First, we presented our Bill of Rights PowToon presentations.  These turned out to be just precious.  When I introduced the activity last week, I had no idea how to do a PowToon.  The classes were shocked when I told them to just go for it... and they did!  They had a great time and learned how to add pictures, music, etc.  Now, these were not perfect, but since this was our first time to use the program, I am very open!

You can view your child's powtoon presentation at kidblog.org, just use the following link:

To end the class, we took our Week 9 Social Studies test.  We did use an actual paper copy of the test and then put the answers on a Google Form.  The form allows me to send the grade directly to the student's GMail account.  This also allows the student to see their grade and which questions were answered incorrectly.  Using this email and their test paper, they can correct their test if their score is below 70%.

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