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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Build a Math Board on Discovery Education


Our goal today was to create a board that showcased videos or pictures that explain how to multiply a fraction by a whole number using a model.  Again, this sounds easier than it was.

We had no difficulty getting to the board on Discovery Education.  The difficulty was in learning how to upload a picture (many steps involved, but once you did it, no problem) and even worse was uploading a video (you can only use the link unless using a Discover Education video).

I will say, that by third period, I had this down to an art!  

The board I had students work with was "Notebook".  It was broken into three sections.  Each section had a a place to insert a picture or video and a section for text.  

  • In the first section, I asked students to upload a picture and then explain its importance in the text box.
  • In the second section, I asked students to place a link in one text box, and then the explanation for its inclusion in the second text box.
  • In the third section, I asked students to create a Google Drawing in which they visually show how to multiply a fraction by a whole number.  (Not everyone got to this today, this is our last piece to add tomorrow).
My students really enjoyed this process (albeit there was frustration all around)!  We do need to move on though.  So tomorrow will be our last day on this assignment, whether the board is complete or not.  We will try doing this again later in the year.

We finished off math by working on a Countdown to STAAR.  If it was not finished, it becomes homework.  This will be turned in tomorrow.

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