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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kahoot and Brownies!

I wanted to have a little fun with multiplying a fraction by a whole number, so we played Kahoot!  

Basically, the kids are given a problem, 30 seconds to solve and input the answer, and then the timer cuts off any additional answers.  

Next, the correct answer is shown along with a bar graph showing class results.  

The game also keeps track of a "winner" by showing the top five scores after each round.  The kids LOVED it!  

I loved it because they were multiplying fractions by a whole number and LOVING IT!  This is not always true since there are many steps: 
  • (1) multiply the numerator by the whole number to create a new numerator 
  • (2) create the improper fraction using the new numerator and keeping the denominator.  
  • (3) Convert the improper fraction to a mixed number.  
  • (4)  See if they needed to simplify.... 
all in 30 SECONDS!

After the game, I have the classes the "Brownie" assignment.  This assignment asked the students to recalculate a brownie recipe so that it fed 60, not 15, students (It is NOT a true recipe!).  So, they took each fractional amount and multiplied by 4.  They had to take the amount to simplest form just like they had to do in the game.

To finish off math, we got onto Think Through Math.

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