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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Graphing: Scatter Plots using Create a Graph

Today we learned about and worked with Scatter Plots.  A helpful activity for teaching this concept was Graphing Scatterplots.  We began by making a scatter plot by hand and determining the correlation shown.  To see the lesson, please watch Scatter Plot Notes.

Next, I had the kids go to Create a Graph to create scatter plots and save them to a Google Doc.  Once the graph was created and on the Google Doc, students needed to determine the correlation of the data.  To see the example, which explains how to create the scatter plot, please watch Scatter Plots using Create a Graph.  Each student created 3 graphs using tables from their textbook.  I am looking for the following:

  • Graph title
  • X-axis label
  • Y-axis label
  • Correct data
  • Correct correlation statement
Students turned in their Google Doc using Google Classroom and then posted their Doc to Kidblog.

  • http://kidblog.org/AWEDittrich/
  • http://kidblog.org/AWEWhitehead/
  • http://kidblog.org/AWEJohnson/

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